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Our team was founded in 2003. At the beginning, it was composed of a three-person studio, engaged in Google, Taiwan Qimo Yahoo advertising marketing and SEO keyword optimization promotion ranking;
Beginning in 2009, the company's website construction and product keyword GOOGLE SEO ranking optimization, focusing on the seamless connection of website development and SEO;
In 2013, the main SEO business expanded the agency operation and promotion services of FACEBOOK business accounts; the company set up branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the number of teams reached 51;

In 2019, it successfully helped TikTok (Douyin International Edition) in overseas marketing and helped it rank top 10 in Appstore downloads for several weeks.

In 2019, the company was renamed: Lingmei Information Consulting Service Co., Ltd., serving more than 500+ domestic company users and 310+ foreign company users

The main businesses we currently provide include: website development, mobile prototype development, Google overseas marketing advertising planning, Google keyword natural search ranking, company type social media agency operation, social media promotion and planning, short video creative planning and marketing